Nigeria Outlaws Existence of Gay People

According to Peter Tatchell at UK Gay News:

A new bill, currently being debated in the Nigerian parliament, is the most comprehensively homophobic legislation ever proposed in any country in the world.
Its extremism is rivaled only by the death penalty that exists for homosexuality in several Islamic fundamentalist states.

The bill is primarily concerned with banning same-sex marriage, but its sub-clauses go much further. They will strip lesbian and gay Nigerians of their already limited civil rights. The bill outlaws almost every expression, affirmation and celebration of gay identity and sexuality, and prohibits the provision of sympathetic advice and welfare support to lesbians and gay men. And violations will be punished with an automatic five year jail sentence.

The draconian measure will outlaw membership of a gay group, attending a gay meeting or protest, advocating gay equality, donating money to a gay organization, hosting or visiting a gay website, the publication or possession of gay safer sex advice, renting or selling a property to a gay couple, expressions of same-sex love in letters or emails, attending a same-sex marriage or blessing ceremony, screening or watching a gay movie, taking or possessing photos of a gay couple, and publishing, selling or loaning a gay book or video.

Support for this legislation is coming from the completely homophobic Anglican church in Nigeria, and there are some Anglican churches in America supporting the Anglican church there in their terrorism of gay and lesbian people.

Note that our own government has been completely silent on these blatant abuses of basic human rights.

If I were a Nigerian citizen, you can bet I would become a terrorist Freedom Fighter immediately. When in the course of human events…

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