Local Political Organizing

I got an e-mail yesterday from a woman I know who’s on the board of directors of an organization I used to do volunteer work for. She was objecting to something I wrote here in my journal. The e-mail was titled “I’m disappointed” and in it, she chastised me for expressing some opinions about some local political activists in the gay community, then she ordered me to stop expressing such opinions, because “we already have too much of that sort of thing.” THEN, she proceeded to ask me to volunteer some time helping her learn website editing so she could do my former volunteer position.

I actually responded with a relatively polite e-mail explaining (again) that I don’t have the time to volunteer for her organization, as I have other organizations I already work for. Can you believe how mature I was? ME NEITHER. But, hey, I’m safely back on my own website, so here’s what I really think:

If you don’t like something you read here, FUCK OFF. FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF, FUCK OFF. Also, BITE ME. Plus, how fucking clueless are you to try to order me around on my own website, then to ask me to give my time(=money) to help you out?

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