How many people will die because of this false headline?

How many people will die because of this false headline?

It’s one thing when they have bat boys and aliens in the tabloids, but this false headline is going to get people killed. The guy WAS NOT gay – there’s just no evidence of it. But now every retarded redneck in the country will read this in line at Wal-Mart (because that’s the only thing they can read) buy a gun and start killing my people. This makes me want to sue the Globe for inciting violence.

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  1. Bil Browning

    Great post. I used it on too with a link to you. 🙂

  2. Burn | The Demigod

    Well, even if we can’t sue, the fact that there is a post about it on the net is one step towards telling our community to stay on their toes. For that, thanks, Steph!
    Does the globe have a website so i can get contact information to write to the editor(s)?

  3. Kevin

    An email writing campaign should get started…the other magazines this company produces are:
    The National Enquirer
    National Examiner
    Weekly World News
    Country Weekly
    Auto World Weekly
    Men’s Fitness
    Muscle & Fitness
    Fit Pregnancy
    Natural Health
    Contact Barrie Gordon @ let him know that you will no longer purchase ANY of the above mentioned magazines.
    Barrie Gordon
    American Media, Inc.

  4. littleoslo

    it misleads ppl… thats horrible for newspaper to do it like this @@

  5. capitina

    I’m not coming from gay issues, my problem is why people put all this emphasis an what a person’s sexuality is? Maybe we should all become less interested in what peope did or do behind closed doors, and somehow bring that across.
    Today I read something about the savages in the tent city of Haiti who rape toddlers and anybody else as soon as it gets dark. I would be more helpful of the Globe to report and shame savages in Haiti, than digging into the past on a matter that’s irrelevant.

  6. Steph

    The problem of what your proposing is that sexual orientation is not something that’s just “behind closed doors” – sex may occur there, but healthy loving relationships have a public as well as private aspect, and gay people need to be able to express the public part of their relationships to protect their households and families financially, emotionally and legally. It would be good of the general society took less issue with that and just let people be, but I don’t want to be told I have to keep my marriage “behind closed doors” to achieve that.

    I haven’t read about the incidents in Haiti yet. The news that people are sexually abusing children is horrific and should be condemned by every news organization. I’m worried about the use of the word “savages” though – would you use that same word to describe white people doing the same thing? Using the word savages to describe a very poor group who are people of color is problematic, to say the least.

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