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Below the fold is a letter I received from the Ball State Spectrum – the LGBT student organization at the university. They’re wanting to reach out to Ball State LGBT Alumni – so contact them if you fit the description and you’re not already on their list.

Dear Friends,
Hi! My name is Mona Luxion, and I’m Spectrum’s Alumni Relations Director for 2007. For those of you who don’t know, Spectrum is Ball State University’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight alliance. I’m writing to announce to you a few very exciting things we have planned for this year.
First, we’re launching an alumni newsletter, in order to keep you informed about our events and activities, as well as issues relevant to the GLBT community at large. It will come out once a month while school is in session, so don’t worry about it clogging up your inbox. We have lots of wonderful events planned for this semester, so don’t miss out! The newsletter will be sent to you automatically. Please tell me if you know of anyone else who might like to receive updates from Spectrum!
Second, several people have expressed interest in a student-alumni mentoring program, which would pair you with a student who shares your field of interest. We’re open to long-distance email correspondence as well as anything else you want to offer, so don’t let distance keep you from getting involved with the newest crop of Spectrum students! If you’re interested, please send me an email with your name, contact information, and interests and/or career path.
This spring we have a week of events planned to raise awareness and promote a “family” feeling among our members and the local community. We will be observing the National Day of Silence and putting on a theatrical event written by one of our own members. We are also hosting our semi-annual charity drag show to benefit The Damien Center, an AIDS research and awareness organization in Indianapolis. Keep your eyes peeled for further information and dates and times!
If you are not interested in being contacted by Spectrum, please let us know and we will take your name off the list. Otherwise, please contact us with any ideas and thoughts you may have about helping our Alumni Relations Program connect people!
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and staying in touch as the semester goes on.
Mona Luxion
Alumni Relations Director, Spectrum

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