Big Things Louisville Trip

Stephanie and I took a trip to Louisville this weekend to take some Big Things pictures. On Saturday, we visited the giant Colgate clock, the giant bat at Louisville Slugger Museum (another giant bat at the costume shop down the street) and a huge coffee pot at the Lynn’s Paradise Cafe.
We also went to the Louisville Zoo to see Gorilla Forest, the huge exhibit of gorillas. The zoo is really huge and very pretty and the weather was perfect for a visit. Gorillas are cool.
Once we got back Saturday night, I discovered I’d left my cell phone at the restaurant, so we drove back down yesterday to retrieve it. We ate again at the Paradise Cafe, which has really cool decor and a neat gift shop. We took pictures of a giant stone statue of hands, too. On the way back, we started brainstorming creating an art car, which Stephanie wants to do, with my help. We have a very fun idea. Also, I want to make a dining room table. It sounds silly, but we have a fun idea for one.
I like Louisville; it’s very pretty.

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  1. lisa

    whoo ART CAR!!!! do it, do it! i can get you hooked into the art car scene and we can all go to events together.

  2. Steph Mineart

    Yes! That would be very cool. Stephanie’s doing the brainstorming on her idea now; it should be really neat.

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