My Theory about the Sopranos Finale

I haven’t watched the last two seasons (tired of springing for HBO; they’re in the Netflix queue) but I have read the volumes of controversy over the series Finale, online and in print.
Here’s my theory, which I haven’t yet seen posited anywhere, yet… I don’t think Tony got whacked at the very end. I think you, the viewer, got whacked instead. I think Tony got tired of you following him around all the time, and had you taken out.

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  1. Cordelia Wright

    I’ll bet David Chase wishes he’d thought of your explanation. Bet he didn’t. Bet this catches on…

  2. crvboy

    This theory was discussed on Howard Stern shortly after the finale aired. It’s not new.

  3. Steph Mineart

    It’s new in that I hadn’t heard it before; I certainly don’t listen to Howard Stern.

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