Wireless Hotspots in Indianapolis

Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. provides a list of 22 spots where you can get wireless internet access, some of it free and some for a fee. On the other hand, wi-fihotspotlist.com lists 36 wireless locations in Indianapolis. It’s not clear from this list which services are free and which are paid. So an IndyScribe wireless outing/control panel training session is in order! Woo hoo! We are such geeks.

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  1. Doug Davidoff

    Two comments:
    (1) Both lists noted in Ms. Mineart’s post miss a great new hotspot — just went active in the past few weeks. It is the Hubbard & Craven’s coffeehouse at 49th and Pennsylvania in Meridian-Kessler. Also, the wireless service is *free.*
    (2) FYI, you might want to change the link on wi-fihotspot.com. The correct URL for the *first* page of the two-page list is:
    Many thanks. I am enjoying your blog!

  2. Steph Mineart

    Um, yeah, page 1 of 2. oops. Thanks, David!! Both lists I posted were a bit older, so thanks also for the great tip about Hubbard & Craven’s!

  3. Michael Packer

    Corner Coffee at 11th & Alabama is definitely free. They have land line connections as well. And – if you’re nice – they just might let you play your music over the house stereo.

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