WTTS 92.3 is playing through their entire catalog

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Starting at 6 this morning, WTTS radio station began playing through their entire catalog of songs alphabetically. Currently they’ve finished all songs beginning with “All.” I fully realize that I will get made fun of for posting this, since three writers on our IndyScribe team are in a alt/punk band, but somebody needed to put something in the “Music” category.

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  1. Brent Mundy

    I’m curious to see how long it will take them to play through everything. I’ve had a standing bet in my head that a typical radio station has fewer songs than my iTune library. I have 20.8 days of continuous music. Add in comericals and station identification breaks and I bet that I could pull the same stunt for a month.

  2. Steph Mineart

    My girlfriend said that it’s supposed to be something like 30 days without repeat. Which is nothing; I have 52 days of music in my iTunes library without repeating a song.

  3. Brent Mundy

    That’s impressive! My guess is that the WTTS library is WAY more extensive than the typical Clear Channel/pop stations we are subjected to here in Indy. We should call up all the radio stations in town and ask them how many songs they have.

  4. Michael Packer

    WTTS?!? HA HA HA HA! The only real radio in Indy is high school radio 😉 But WTTS has a very cool website.

  5. Steph Mineart

    Mike, what are the high school stations? I can never remember when I actually turn off my iPod long enough to listen to the radio in the car.

  6. Brent Mundy

    True, Mr. Packer. My car radio pre-sets are arranged:
    – 89.3 North Central
    – 90.1 NPR
    – 91.3 Carmel HS
    Between these three I keep myself entertained. The high school stations play new music weeks before it is played on the big pop stations (if it ever makes it to their rotation). The kids are much more in touch than Clear Channel.

  7. Jennifer Bortel

    Brent and Mike have a point about the HS radio stations. As a BIG bonus, they are also commercial-free. I listen to the North Central station all the time, but I’ve been a little disappointed as of late. Too much mainstream R&B Usher stuff, not enough alt/rock. They used to play the Shins, PJ Harvey and the Moldy Peaches, but I haven’t heard that stuff in a while.
    Of course, there’s always Sirius and XM to the rescue if you want to pay for it.

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