Don’t forget to tip your waiter…

Funny link I found on my friend Lori’s site about tipping waiters. Apparently there’s a gay waiter who’s a bit pissed off. I wonder why he’s mentioned the name Ben Solomon… I can’t tell if he’s dissing Ben or not. Ben is one of the wealthy gay men in town.
I also like the other post about “the richest people” who don’t tip. I remember back when I was roommates with Dennis Williams who was a waiter at the Black-Eyed Pea and at Houlihan’s, the people who never tipped him were the Christians who came to eat lunch on Sundays after church. Either they’d leave no tip at all or instead of money they’d leave a religious pamphlet about how expecting a tip is un-Christian and about saving your soul. Somewhere I still have one of those; I should dig it out. A lot of Christians are just complete ass-hats. Not all of them, of course, just some.

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