Weird text at the bottom of a spam email

A spam message I received this morning had this text at the bottom. I wonder where it came from? I’m guessing from the stuff I’ve seen in the past that they grab text from a website somewhere and insert it into their spam.

Exactly! roared Sykes. And do you believe Johnny St. Jay would willingly destroy his own property, his own business? Stranger things have happened in the outside criminal world, Sir Henry, said Cyril Sylvester Pritchard knowingly. In my official capacity Ive heard many, many stories. The incidents my nephew described are called diversionary tactics employed to create the illusion that the scoundrels are victims. It was all thoroughly explained to me. Oh, it was, was it? cried the former brigadier of the British army. Well, let me explain something else, shall I? Youve been duped by an international terrorist wanted the world over! Do you know the universal penalty for aiding and abetting such a killer? Ill make it plain, in case its escaped your attention-in your official capacity, of course.

Mystery solved, thanks to Google. It appears to be a snippet of text from the Robert Ludlum book The Bourne Ultimatum.

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