Paper Airplanes

Okay, we just had a paper airplane flying contest at work… from the third floor balcony down into the lobby, with the object to hit the center pole on the revolving doors, a distance of about 60 feet. AND I WON. Me! I won! All the guys were busy aerodynamically designing their planes and test flying them… and I just folded mine, threw it, and hit center pole exactly — no one else was even CLOSE! And I won the sum of all the entry fees, plus $100. That is so cool. Check out the winning design.
Also, we finally located a fake cardboard fireplace for the end of our hall, so now we have the warm and cozy thing going on at work. We even made a fake chimney and santa is jumping down it. Monday we’ll decorate and hang our stockings.
Be sure to go and vote for Barbie to be an architect on the site. I need a architect for my Barbie collection.

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