COOL: GPS Tags for your dog, kid or elderly parent

Mr. Wozniak described WozNet as a simple and inexpensive wireless network that uses radio signals and global positioning satellite data to keep track of a cluster of inexpensive tags within a one- or two-mile radius of each base station. WozNet, he said, will include a home-base station that has the ability to track the location of dozens or even hundreds of small wireless devices that can be attached to people, pets or property. The tags � expected to cost less than $25 each to produce � will be able to generate alerts, notifying the owner by phone or e-mail message when a child arrives at school, a dog leaves the yard or a car leaves the parking lot.”

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  1. Peggy Dill

    My Mom has alzheimers and I am looking for some kind of GPS device that can be attached to her. Do you have anything like that?

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