Addendum to Books I Read in 2008

I had the time to get some extra reading in over the holidays, and I managed to add a couple of books to my list at the end of the year. And good ones, too.

The Big Book Of Lesbian Horse Stories
by Alisa Surkis and Monica Nolan
No, the horses aren’t lesbians. The lesbians love horses. But not in THAT way. Very much a comedic book — the cover is filled with racy, pulp-fiction-like quotes, that that’s the closest the book actually gets to racy; it’s a collection of rather sweet, very funny short stories about girls who love other girls and who also love horses.

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
A great analysis of ideas that are successfully communicated and why they are unforgettable — what it takes to make your ideas stick. If you have anything to do with marketing, this is a must-read book; as I was reading it, I found myself wanting to give copies of it to people I thought would get a lot from it.

Outliers: The Story of Success
by Malcolm Gladwell
While many people have innate talents – the people who are truly Outliers are those who come from a background that nurtures their talent and gives them opportunities to practice what they have a passion for – and thousands of hours of practice make them truly great in their field. Publishers Weekly: “Gladwell tears down the myth of individual merit to explore how culture, circumstance, timing, birth and luck account for success–and how historical legacies can hold others back despite ample individual gifts.”

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