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A site called “blogebrity” (I won’t even start bitching about that weird mash-up name) is ranking Blogs by category: A-List, B-List, and C-List. I don’t make the list anywhere (Of course. Like I would). But what’s weird is that 98% of the people on the A-List I’ve never even heard of. And I’ve been reading blogs and blogging since before there was blogger software.
Now some of the people on the B-List and C-List are people I’ve heard of, but not too many of those, either. Who the heck are these dorks putting the list together?

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  1. dj

    Probably the same people who put together the “List of Great Americans” and incuded the entire Bush family, “Dr.” Phil, and John Edwards, but forgot people like Andy Warhol and Thurgood Marshall.

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