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Why Choose Canvas On Demand?

Why Choose Canvas On Demand?. I’m seeing more of these photo to canvas sites, and I find the idea interesting – I have a number of interesting photos I’d like to do this with.

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Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

From Buzzfeed, a collection of Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011. Powerful photos, but a grim picture of our world.

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Vivian Maier | Photographer

Vivian Maier | Vivian Maier Photographer. Vivian Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009) was an American street photographer born in New York City. Although born in the U.S., it was in France that Maier spent most of her

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Iconic Photos and their Photographers, and “Decisive Moments”

Retronaut has a nice collection of iconic photographs and the photographers who took them… The set is a nice example of “Decisive Moment” images – the photos were not staged, and were fleeting instances; a moment sooner or later and

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links for 2011-08-21

Refraction – The Alphabet on Vimeo Beautiful photography of the alphabet refracted through bubbles, set to Richard Pryor saying the alphabet on Sesame Street.  (tags: photography typography video) Indianapolis Recycle and Reuse Guide | Indy Recycling | KIBI Wow –

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