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links for 2010-02-20

Designing with Progressive Enhancement: Building the web that works for everyone. By Filament Group: Todd Parker, Patty Toland, Scott Jehl, Maggie Costello Wachs Designing with Progressive Enhancement is a practical guide that both explains the principles and benefits of progressive

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links for 2010-02-02

The U.S. National Archives' collections on Flickr Awesome. (tags: photography history government flickr) 10 Americans Arrested In Haiti, Accused Of Child Trafficking Idaho Baptist group tried to smuggle 33 kids out of Haiti through the Dominican Republic. Some of the

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Indy.org using Flickr photos without copyright owners permission

One of my friends pointed out to me today that several of his and my photos that are posted on Flickr under an “All Rights Reserved” license are being pulled into the Indy.org website – the “Official site of the

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Domokun. He came home with us.

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links for 2008-03-18

Video Coming To Flickr Soon. Really. Yay. I’ve been patiently waiting for this. I have a YouTube account, but having my videos in separate places has always bothered me. (tags: flickr tools video) Hepper | Modern Pet Furniture That Will

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