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Fringe: Better than the X-Files

A smart, funny, brainy show with the strongest female lead I’ve ever seen and interesting story lines. A version of the X-Files done right, and infinitely smarter; It doesn’t go off the rails or take itself so seriously that it’s

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Fall Television 2010 – What We Picked

In my extended exam of the reviews of new television shows this season, I ran out of space to track what we actually decided to watch. I made a list and we then cut it down to 8 shows –

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Fall Television 2010 – New Shows

In times past I made big elaborate lists on my blog of the fall television I was going to watch, using the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly as a guide. I formatted the whole list as a table

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2009 Fall TV Season

Checking out EW’s cheat sheet of when the fall TV shows premiere, — either they left shows off here (Lost is the only one I noticed missing) or I just don’t watch that much TV anymore. My selections this year:

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Veronica Mars & Fall TV Schedule 2006

“Here it is… first day of college. What do you say Veronica? New school, fresh start, how about you try not to piss anyone off this time around.” Heh. Barely made it home to watch the season premiere after water

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