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Volkswagen Microbus 2014 and Concepts of the Past

Volkswagen has a long history of threatening to bring back the classic Volkswagen Microbus, with lots of concept cars produced, but no versions that are actually available in the United States. I’ve gotten excited about every potential version and blogged

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Tesla Roadster


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Scion xD test drive

We test-drove a scion xD among other things, while looking for a replacement for the Smart Car that just wasn’t working for us.

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Mini Cooper Clubman

This will be MY next car in a year or two when I can afford to replace the truck. Unless they come put with a hybrid microbus before then.

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spaceup! blue Volkswagen Bus

Volkswagen of America unveils a new concept cart – a “green” fuel-cell microbus-like vehicle called “spaceup! blue.” First – they had me at “hybrid microbus.” Seriously, that’s all it takes. Please make one. Please. I will give you my first-born.

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