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The Official Shirts and Gear Store. Now you to can campaign for truth, justice, the American Way, and no illegal left turns on Meridian Street during rush hour.

Equal Marriage Rights Store
Equal Marriage Rights Shirts

Equal Marriage Rights Store

Show your support for equal marriage rights and piss off the right-wingers at the same time. The Indiana right-wing anti-gay group Advance America has this nazi-esque logo, which I grabbed and and used to create this PARODY logo, making the macho man in the middle into a gay guy, and adding a nice well-muscled woman into the group for balance. [Check out the original nazi-like logo.]

Mr. Bendo
Mr. Bendo T

Mr. Bendo T-Shirt Store

Get your very own Mr. Bendo t-shirt and wear the coolest muffler man on the planet. Mr. Bendo is Indiana’s famous muffler man, and one of the featured “Big Things” here on

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