This weekend, I…

1) Had fun at Girls Game Night at Outword Bound books.
2) Washed my truck and cleaned it all out.
3) Raked my leaves.

4) Bought a table, a cabinet and copper trellis from Urban Bloom, because they’re going out of business.
5) Visited my mom to take her Dutch Letters, a book, and A reproduction tree-topper that matches the one she had on the tree when I was a kid.
6) While at mom’s we went to Barnes and Noble where I bought several other books.
7) Helped Dan and Doug unbox ornaments for their Christmas trees.
8) Visited Tim and Avi’s Salvage yard.
9) Sorted out all the door and window trim I had and picked out enough to put in the living room.
10) Upgraded the operating system on my iMac to 10.3.1
11) Messed up my e-mail so I can’t download it. (That’ll be fixed soon!)

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