Month: April 2007

Facebook kills Arab LBTG group to appease mideast govs

Boing Boing has the story. UPDATE: Turns out this may have been a hoax – the administrator of the Arab LBGT group was contacted by someone representing themselves as being from Facebook in order to close the group. Facebook actually

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Cardiac Catheterization

The other day, I wrote about my recent stress test, commenting at the conclusion: “It was all very interesting. I should know my results in a few days, but I’m optimistic.” Well, I spoke a bit too soon on that

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Two Girls Kissing in School Videotaped, leads to school transfer

From a local Washington state news report: GIG HARBOR, Wash. — Restrictions on the use of school security videotape have been tightened after images of two high school students kissing were shown to the parents of one of the girls,

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Melamine has been added to pet food for years

According to the New York Times. My first cat Idgie died of renal failure. Now I’m upset that maybe it didn’t have to happen. UPDATE: Scientists are figuring out how the melamine contaminate reacts with other ingredients to kill pets.

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links for 2007-04-30

Early gay activism discovered in National Archives A dusty scroll of parchment which contains the writings of an 18th century proponent of gay rights has been unearthed. (tags: literature lgbt history) T. rex bone strengthens dinosaur, chicken link Researchers have