Month: August 2005

I’m so upset I could break down

If you recall last year in mid-September, I took a week off work and put in a new patio and walkway in my backyard, with a great deal of help from my friend Kathy and a lot of hard work

Devastating Flickr Photos of Katrina

See recent photos tagged with keywords related to the hurricane: Katrina, Hurricane, New Orleans, Louisiana, Biloxi I’m not only donating money to the Red Cross, I’m also sorting out clothes and other items that we had left over from the

That didn’t take long

Of course, as Bush was pulling a “My Pet Goat II” by vacationing, eating cake and playing his “official presidential seal” guitar while Katrina devastated the south, the religious right was pinning the blame for Hurricane Katrina on gay people.


Louisiana’s disaster planning funds were relocated by the president to fund Iraq and for your tax cuts. New Orleans district of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers federal funding was cut by $71.2 million in June. Mississippi and Louisiana National

FCC is seeking to expand it’s reach into cable

According to Salon Magazine, Commissioner Kevin J. Martin of the FCC has been meeting quietly with religious leaders and industry leaders to try to organize a push for new stricter standards on what is broadcast over cable stations. Pardon me,