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I’m not only donating money to the Red Cross, I’m also sorting out clothes and other items that we had left over from the garage sale to donate to charity, especially if I can find a group that is taking them to send south….

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  1. Tami

    Check this out…a friend of ours recieved a call on her cell phone yesterday- a panic stricken woman who dialed 911. Somehow the call was rerouted from Louisiana to Benzie County, Michigan. The woman said that herself and seven of her family members were trapped in the attic of their home! The call was disconnected before my friend could get a name or any other info. She reported it immediately, but feels terrible and hopes someone got to them in time! Sad state of affairs-
    oh- and gas here is $3.55/gallon. This sucks big time.

  2. Scott

    If you find an agency that’s sending clothes directly to the South, let me know. I’ve got some closet-cleaning-out to do, anyway.

  3. Scott

    If you find a relief agency accepting clothes to send directly to the south, let me know. I’ve got some closet-cleaning-out to do, anyway.

  4. Jan

    “Best Friends” is down there saving pets that were left behind or otherwise spotted. donations needed for the animals.

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