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links for 2008-03-08

Dumb and Dumber: An Essay and Its Editors – washingtonpost.com What bothers Allen about this picture is that these women reject, with every fiber of their latte-loving beings, the abstinence-only, father-knows-best, slut-shaming crabbed misogyny of the Republican right. (tags: feminism

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Note to the Media: The Democrats haven’t even taken power yet

Apparently the right-wing biased mainstream media is busy chortling and high-fiving because soon to be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had some tough leadership elections. Here’s what the Washington Post is saying: The new House speaker, Rep. Nancy Pelosi,

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Washington Post article and logical fallacies

Regarding this Sally Jenkins article on Washington Post, I’ve never read a printed article so full of logical fallacies before. I’m speechless.

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