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Fringe – Friday Night Reanimation

Consider my Friday night schedule cleared. O. Dunham – can’t wait.

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Slush Mug Commecial

We used to have these. Now that I recall, we had this type of Slush Mug, then later another version. I still have my second, newer one; mom gave it to me a couple years ago when we were cleaning

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It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

One of my very favorite commercials from childhood. I never noticed before that she’s telling the Goldilocks story wrong at the beginning.

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Vonnegut High School

I’m watching the latest episode of Close to Home, and in the storyline, the kids who are suspects of a murder investigation speed away from the scene of the crime in a car with a bumpersticker of “Vonnegut High School.”

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Daylight Savings Time and Cable

I noticed with some grumpiness this morning that although my digital cable had adjusted correctly to the new daylight savings time, my DVR settings did not, so my show recordings are all off by an hour — instead of recording

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