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Stacy with a little lamb

My sister with an Easter lamb. She assured us that she didn’t bring it home to add to her menagerie. 18 Apr ’06, 6.05am EST PST | ElectraSteph

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English Xmas Kitties

Stacy Mineart Today was yet another day in that inevitable annual melee we call christmas preparation. The rarity of Sunday opening hours in England necesitates that on such occasions every able-bodied individual must pile onto the high street to take

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weekend update

So, today is the first day of my new physical fitness program. So far so good. We got our family photos done this weekend. Next weekend my sister is moving back to England. The last Fever game of the regular

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Let’s ignore our mother’s well-meant advice

Here’s something my sister sent to me:

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I’m about half-way moved into the new place and have been staying there for a while; my sister is staying at the old apt with the cat, who’s birthday I missed (the cat’s not the sister’s) in all the hoopla

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