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Ryan Murphy does hate lesbians, apparently

Via Vulture magazine, some interesting commentary of last night’s Glee episode, which I have yet to see. Glee Recap: Carefully Chosen Bells and Whistles — Vulture. Speaking of chaos, if you’re a casual Glee fan, you might have missed out

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Schoolyard Taunts

Ann Coulter on Fox News: “The word I used has nothing to do with sexual preference. It is a schoolyard taunt… It isn’t offensive to gays. It has nothing to do with gays.” As I’ve said before, there are souls

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Alumni – Contact IU and Purdue about SJR-7

The bill I’ve been writing so much about lately – SJR-7 – will have an affect on the domestic partnership benefits that are offered by state universities. Currently Purdue and IU have these benefits, and Ball State and other universities

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Nigerian Advisor: Same-sex relationships make you retarded

From Tide Online: About four percent of Nigerians are involved in same sex relationship, Special Adviser to the President, Prof Friday Okonofua, has said. Okonofa disclosed this at a public hearing on a bill to prohibit same sex marriage and

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Soulforce urges people to write compassionate letters to Haggard

Soulforce is urging gay people to write compassionate letters to Ted Haggard now that he’s being targeted for “spiritual restoration.” In response to the news that Rev. Ted Haggard has been dismissed by New Life Church and resigned as President

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