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links for 2010-01-31

Tiger Beatdown › SEXIST BEATDOWN: Oh I Couldn’t Possibly Tell You Which Edition It Is, I Am Just A Girl Edition Sadly, I do this far too often myself. I should really be ashamed. Ha! (tags: feminism women culture socialization

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Financial Times Columnist fails at life

This lovely article on The Financial Times: Lunch with the FT: Gloria Steinem, says By Chrystia Freeland: For most of this decade, the conventional wisdom has had it that feminism in America is dead – or, at least, irrelevant. The

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Smiling is a Sign of Subservience

This is interesting — a new study shows that people smile more when they have a lesser status, as a form of appeasement. Which frames this fierce discussion on Shakespeare’s Sister in a new light.

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30 year-old virgins

Shakespeare’s Sister has a great post (Who’s Afraid of Virgins?) critiquing this wholly lame Salon article on the “tragedy” of virgins in their 30’s. I don’t have a huge amount to add to the subject, other than “what she said”

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World Heritage List of Natural and Man-Made Wonders

World Heritage’s list of the most important wonders of our world, both natural, and man-made. 34 of the sites on the list are endangered — some because of the increased tourism due to being on this list.

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