Kerasotes Theaters (Glendale) 5 Buck Club

Kerasotes Theaters is offering a five dollar club, with a discount card that you can use to see movies for five dollars any time for movies that have been playing at least two weeks.
That’s a pretty nice deal for movies when the regular matinee price is $6.25. And the theater at Glendale is one of my favorites (stadium seating, comfy flip-up arms on the chairs).

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4 comments on “Kerasotes Theaters (Glendale) 5 Buck Club
  1. Char Adams says:

    A friend told me about this, I think it is a wonderful Ideal for us seniors. Thanks.

  2. Mary Finney says:

    Great for seniors to get out to see new movies cheap.

  3. college kid says:

    this is great if you have a girlfriend too… Her cheap date!

  4. cindy garrett says:

    a friend also told me about this what a great idea especially in todays aconemy

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