Month: August 2011

links for 2011-08-31

Ugly Guy, Hot Wife – Television Tropes & Idioms Nothing will make me turn the channel faster than this trope.   (tags: movies television tropes misogyny) Oak | Acne Navy Normandie Mono Crop Off Turtleneck Sweater Oak Couldn't be too

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links for 2011-08-29

Chekhov's Gun – Television Tropes & Idioms (tags: writing plots television tropes)

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links for 2011-08-27

HTML for Babies gets a new generation up to speed on web standards | This is my next… Get your little web nerd started early. (tags: html childrenBooks)

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links for 2011-08-26

The New Wonder Woman Comic Is a Horror Comic — A Pantsless Horror Comic Hmmm. In general, I'm not a fan of horror anything – so the jury is out for me. But I'm still going to collect them for

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links for 2011-08-25

Indiana stage collapse lawsuits could challenge state's rules on gay marriage | WBEZ Attorney Kenneth Allen said his clients were recently married in Hawaii, a state that allows same sex civil unions. Beth Urschel was injured in the stage collapse.

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