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Franklin Central reviewing Toni Morrison novel after complaints – News- Are they really bothered by the content, or are they bothered that it's a book about black people? It's not the 1920's anymore; we don't tolerate wearing white hoods

Arline Groenwoldt

My maternal grandmother, Arline Groenwoldt, died on Thursday, April 15th. I waited to mention it here because I wanted to be sure that my family had a chance to attend her services first. And then I waited some more because

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links for 2010-04-29

Log in or Sign up with Jquery and PHP (tags: jquery css webdevelopment webdesign)

Evan vs. Johnny, part 3897

I’ve never liked Evan Lysacek. I can sense the underlying homophobia in all of his comments about Johnny Weir, and he always has seemed to suffer from insecurity badly masked by snottiness. All of that could be forgiven if he

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Diane Arbus

I picked up Diane Arbus: A Biography at the library without really having an idea who she was. It happened to be on a kiosk of other photography books that the Nora branch was featuring, and I thought – “hey

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