Month: August 2007

links for 2007-08-28

Start asking candidates about contraception! Cristina Page had a great op-ed in the Baltimore Sun this week, making a plea that when journalists question presidential hopefuls about their reproductive rights beliefs, that they specifically bring up contraception access. Many republicans

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My New Favorite Quote

“My favorite definition of a libertarian- and I can’t remember where I stole it from- is ‘a conservative who wants to sleep with liberal women.’” — From the comments on Pandagon’s article: “But Rush told me you had to tolerate

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links for 2007-08-27

Boing Boing: Exposing “The Secret” “Here’s an excellent explanation, deconstruction and debunking of that claptrap “The Secret.” (tags: books pseudoscience philosophy psychology skeptic) The Wrath of the Secretrons Blog debunking “the secret.” (tags: books pseudoscience philosophy psychology skeptic) Process |

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Cruise Info

We’re going on a cruise for our friend Dan’s 40th birthday, along with 12 other friends. It’s a Carnival cruise, on the ship “Fascination.” The cruise leaves from Miami tomorrow, and we spend Tuesday in Key West, Wednesday in Calica,

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links for 2007-08-26 – Police: Man Rapes Woman As Bystanders Look On This makes me sick, frankly. Everyone in this apartment building should be charged. (tags: crime assault women rights safety) breakfast blogger » Blog Archive » Pillow Happy Awesome pillows shaped

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