Month: March 2007

links for 2007-03-31 – Mobile Note Taking and Hands-Free Messaging You call the number, leave a message, and it transcribes you message and emails the message to you. Interesting… now I just need it to post a message to my blog for

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Stop Cyberbullying Day

Read more about it here….. In all of this, one of the things that is bothering me is people’s defense of the “mean kids” who put up the two sites that were promoting maliciousness towards various tech people, including Kathy

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links for 2007-03-30

Finally, a Feminism 101 blog An awesome resource from feminist bloggers on the basics of feminist thought – basic resources to link to when you’re having a discussion and you don’t have time to go into all the detail. (tags:

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Kathy Sierra, hate comments, and women bloggers

I’ve avoided blogging about this because it’s very difficult to explain, really. I’ll try to keep it really short: Kathy Sierra is a tech guru who got her start in Java, published some really popular books, and became well-known in

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Twittervision is a googlemap with all the latest twitter posts displayed on it – it’s pretty mesmerizing to watch – check it out.

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