Thinking about Woody Allen

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After reading the The New York Times interview with him on his new movie…

I don’t think I’ve every adequately articulated this thought before now – the thing I dislike about Woody Allen most is not the neurotic craven-ness of him (although that’s particularly loathsome and a worthy reason for dislike) but rather the way that he portrays women in all of his films – none of them are real women, but women seen through the filter of Woody Allen, wherein he projects all his insecurities about himself onto them. His films are one big Mary Sue about how he’d like women to respond to him, and how much he hates women for not responding that way, and how he recruits men that women actually are attracted to in that way to treat the women badly, punishing them for not responding to Woody Allen in the way they respond to the more attractive men.
If you watch Woody’s movies and picture the women in it as Woody Allen’s penis in various costuming instead of women, you’ll have a much better sense of what he’s is trying to say.

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