To be a woman, with a vote.

From the comments at Shakesville:

Her voice was careful and quiet (she was clearly holding herself together so hard for the cameras, the weight of it all very heavy on her) and even with the tears, it still felt fitting, because this–this wondering and thinking and finally deciding on your own vote–this is what the suffragettes dreamed for all of us, eighty-eight years ago.

To be a woman, with a vote.

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Anti-Women’s Suffrage Buttons

Under the heading of “HOLY CRAP!” :Check out the price on this eBay auction. Now I know that women’s right to vote memorabilia does go for a lot of money, in general, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

UPDATE: since the item is no longer there, more info: the object was a simple lapel button from the early 1900s, and it was an anti-women’s suffrage button. The auction price was over $3,000. Part of this was because some universities were attempting to purchase it for their historical archives.

It’s sort of shocking to read some of the anti-women’s suffrage materials; try to check them out on eBay or on the internet. It’s tough to remember there was a time with this sort of thing was said out loud by people in public.

But when you think about it in the context of today’s issues, specifically gay rights, you start to recognize the same sort of bigotry. I tried to collect some of these items and managed to get a few postcards, but the cost of them is so high on eBay that they were tough to collect.

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