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  • The prime purpose of the new and unimproved scoring system was to better quantify the various elements in a program — required jumps and spins — so that the famously nefarious judges would have less latitude to cheat. Alas, this created a scoring system so arcane, it makes computing the Standard & Poor's index child's play. Moreover, by emphasizing compulsory obligations, the new system diminished the emphasis on artistry.
  • Bankers deserve their bonuses? Are you crazy? They don't deserve their JOBS. And frankly, I still think there are a dozen of them that need to be set on fire in the middle of Wall Street. You don't fuck up worse than these guys fucked up – and they did it out of sheer greed. There are people homeless, starving and on the street because of the criminal actions of these greedy assholes. Fuck them and their bonuses.
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So NOW they create a sandbox template!

After I pretty much got everything in place, Movable Type comes out with a plugin and set of sandbox templates — similar to what WordPress has — that allows you to install a really basic default set of templates and then create your own design on top of the template elements — similar to what I was wishing for in this post the other day.

That’s actually really funny. I’m not going to rework everything yet again right now, but good that they’ve done one. I’ll definitely go that route in the future when undertaking a redesign. And refining all my content at this point will help immensely with future design undertakings.

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Movable Type 4.2 upgrade breaks current customer sites?

Gee, should I be surprised at this news? Here’s the email I received from my web host when I asked them to upgrade my to 4.2:

Movable Type 4.2 is more strict than Movable Type 4.1 when it comes to custom designed blog templates. We’ve seen some cases when upgrading from version 4.1 to version 4.2 stopped the blog from rebuilding, or when some plugins had to be disabled or upgraded.

If you have a custom blog design, or use custom plugins, I would proceed with caution simply because upgrading might cause your blog to stop working.

If you have a business/company blog, the recommended course of action is to setup a development environment on your hosting account with a duplicate copy of your Movable Type 4.1 blog. Then upgrade that development environment to Movable Type 4.2 and rebuild your blog. Then make a couple of test posts. If it works – Great! You can now safely upgrade your live environment. On the other hand if your blog doesn’t rebuild – it’s time to re-check your templates to make them Movable Type 4.2 friendly.

Right. Like I have the money or time to maintain a development environment for my personal blog.

Sigh – it’s par for the course; I believed them when they said they were going to do better. This is not better, guys. So upgrading is going to wait until I have vacation time to fuck around with my design templates. Lovely.

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SXSWi 2008 post game analysis

I made it home from Austin last night rather late and went to work this morning. Unlike the trip out, the flight home was rather uneventful. Thank goodness. We didn’t get our luggage until late Saturday night, so I basically had two nights without my CPAP machine, which the Airlines had told me to pack in my checked luggage, then tried to yell at me about putting in my checked luggage when we were leaving Dallas.

The two days without it really screwed me up. The whole trip was rather chaotic, actually, and frustrating, but I think I got some good information in all. I have half an overview written of panels I liked and what I thought was interesting; I’ll work on that more tomorrow. Tonight, I’m just trying to settle in and relax.

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