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Why I’m Still Disappointed with Movable Type, 4.0 Beta version

ridiculous rant. You can see the original rant below the fold. I am, apparently, really stupid. And quite wrong. And Jerame is quite right. Never mind. I’ll just be over here, making new category templates. Don’t mind me. UPDATE: Okay, I’m not quite that wrong. I can make a specialized template work for a single

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Khoi Vinh on Offending Experts and Pleasing Everybody

After reading Khoi Vinh’s thoughts on streamlining web apps to remove features that only a few users need, I think for the most part the choice to make apps work for everyone is a good one. But I have a particular issue with at least one of his examples – 37 Signals, who make Basecamp

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Amazon Credit Notification

Amazon will give you credit if things you’ve purchased go on sale within 30 days… and this site will track the prices of items you enter and e-mail you if the price drops.

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