Do you have the right kind of wife for it?

Volkswagen Bus Ad
Volkswagen Bus Ad

Ad Copy:

Can your wife bake her own bread?
Can she get a kid’s leg stitched and not phone you at the office until it’s all over?
Find something to talk about when the TV set goes on the blink?
Does she worry about the Bomb?
Make your neighbor’s children wish she were their mother?
Will she say “Yes” to a camping trip after 50 straight weeks worth of cooking?
Let your daughter keep a pet snake in the back yard?
Invite 13 people to dinner even though she only has service for 12?
Name a cat “Rover?”
Live another year without furniture and take a trip to Europe instead?
Let you give up your job with a smile?
And mean it?

Wow, I don’t even know where to begin with this shit – If you can’t hold your job, why should she get your kid stitches without calling you, or cook for you for 50 weeks in a row? Maybe she has her own job and you should consider baking the bread, fella. Maybe she doesn’t want to be a mom, let alone the mother figure for the neighbor’s kids, too.

This just proves that even liberal hippie dudes were total douche-bags back in the 1960s.

Props on the bitchin’ ride, though; that rocks. And the “daughter with a snake” thing, and the cat name Rover. That’s all cool.

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