Me, giving a testimonial on Firefox

Oh, and while surfing YouTube looking at other’s SXSW videos, I found a video of me shot yesterday by the firefox browser people, giving testimonial on the browser from the trade show space. I got a discount on a Firefox T-shirt in exchange. Which just goes to show — I can talk your damn ear off, but if you stick a camera in my face, I have no idea what to say.

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The Ladybug Picnic

Awesome – Shakespeare’s Sister posted YouTube clip of Sesame Street’s Ladybug Picnic, and I had to grab it because it’s one of Stephanie’s and my songs. She put together a great CD for me of all kinds of Sesame Street songs, including some like that this that I hadn’t heard since I was a little kid. So I had this stuck in my head, and couldn’t stop singing it on our trip to Virginia for a car show. And now I have it stuck in my head again…

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Vote for Alan’s Movie

Stephanie’s friend Alan made a little movie for the Boston Market website movie contest, and they’ve asked me to request that you go vote for Alan’s movie, so he wins some cool stuff.
The premise of the movie is “My Extra Hour” — in which you show what you’d do with the extra hour that getting dinner from Boston Market saves you.
Here are the instructions for how to vote for Alan’s movie —
“You click to watch the movies and a screen comes up — you click on the film reel for New Releases (or there’s a Quick Nav bar) and his is the one with a hand raised in the screen shot. To vote, there’s a set of stars to the right while the video is playing — you click on that. ”

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