On the subject of gloating

Keep in mind what the GOP said after the 2004 elections (hat tip to several blogs for pointing this out):

DeLay himself drew the line sharply the day after the 2004 elections. “The Republican Party is a permanent majority for the future of this country,” DeLay declared. “We’re going to be able to lead this country in the direction we’ve been dreaming of for years.”
Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform and a leading figure in both the DeLay and Bush political operations, chose more colorful post-election language to describe the future. “Once the minority of House and Senate are comfortable in their minority status, they will have no problem socializing with the Republicans,” he told Richard Leiby of The Post. “Any farmer will tell you that certain animals run around and are unpleasant. But when they’ve been ‘fixed,’ then they are happy and sedate. They are contented and cheerful.”

yep, that was the GOP back when they won. As Shakespeare’s Sister said this morning:

… This morning, I’m laughing. Why? Well, a lot of it is schadenfreude. I’m going to gloat, and I don’t care. I’ve been told I’m a traitor, a terrorist sympathizer, and every other nasty thing in the book for the last six years. So bite me, wingnuts.

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