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Vego Modular Raised Beds

We are replacing the garden beds I built in 2012 with steel modular raised beds by Vego Garden. There will be four of 4′ x 8′ beds (replacing the three we have now) and they will be 17 inches tall, which means they will be much easier to plant in now that we are getting

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Old garden beds

These are going away here in the next couple days. We’re replacing them with Vego Steel garden beds. I built these in 2012. See photos of the building project below.

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Amending the Soil

Our flower beds have very depleted soil, so I picked up a load of compost this morning and spread it around the beds after overturning all the soil. It’s amazing how much compost this requires, really. I’ll need to get another load of crap for the front beds; a truckload only covered the beds on

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