Valentine Underpants

Stephanie stop at Old Navy yesterday while waiting for her hair appointment, and she bought a bunch of Valentine’s Day merchandise on high discount, including several pairs of my favorite kind of underwear. Then she hid them around the house while I was at water aerobics last night, because she’s leaving to go to a skating competition in Michigan for the weekend.
So as I’ve been getting ready for work this morning, I keep finding little valentine presents hidden, like a scavenger hunt. It’s very sweet. I love my girlfriend.

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Valentine’s Day, Snow Day

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I had a second snow day today (I worked at home yesterday, due to inclement weather) and Stephanie had the day off as well because we couldn’t get her car out in the morning. So we spent the morning digging out the street with the help of our neighbor Craig…
and in the afternoon, I worked on a website design for one of our publishing partners at work, while Stephanie edited pages for her work. Meanwhile, the animals had their own fun…
Spike in the Snow
Huckleberry Busted
Annabelle watching for Birds
Then Stephanie made a romantic candlelight dinner for us (we’re being economical, since my house is still for sale — although we have an offer and some counters, which is looking really good) and now we’re going to watch the oh-so-romantic tale Corpse Bride.

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My Top 10 Favorite Love Songs

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Oh My HeartI realize I’m going to get torn to shreds by my fellow Indyscribers for the utter cheesy sappiness of this post, but I don’t care. It’s Valentine’s Day, I’m in love, and someone actually loves me back. The confluence of those three conditions is rare, so I choose to wallow in the spectacular sickening sweetness of it all, because, hey this never happens to me. Here are my top 10 favorite love songs.

10. Crimson and Clover – Joan Jett
Because that guitar rocks.

9. Set the Prairie On Fire – Shawn Colvin
A lush, scorching song about the intoxication of sex that never once mentions the word.

8. It’s Only A Paper Moon – Ella Fitzgerald with The Delta Rhythm Boys
A depression-era song about how the transforming power of love can make even the poorest folks rich.

7. Wonderful! Wonderful! – Johnny Mathis
The “heavenly choir” background chorus is so over the top that I couldn’t possibly leave it off my list.

6. On the Street Where You Live – Andy Williams
One of those songs you want to sing on a public street, when you feel like shouting how you feel to the entire planet, possibly while dancing around lightposts in the rain and making an complete spectacle of yourself.

5. Good Things – Bodeans
The lyrics may sound like the singer is pleading his case, but the delivery makes it clear he knows that they’ll be together.

4. Bus Stop – The Hollies
An unconventional, trippy sixties love tune that celebrates the spontaneity and unexpectedness of love.

3. A Kiss to Build a Dream On – Louis Armstrong
That low rumbling voice is classic.

2. Dream a Little Dream of Me – Mama Cass
“And now to sing this lovely ballad, here is Mama Cass.” A simple, quiet, haunting song that needs nothing extra to express the power of love.

1. Head Over Heels – The Go-Gos
Because it was featured in the sweet movie “13 Going on 30” where we went on our second first date. It’s light, fun and probably describes our relationship better than any other.

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