Unbelievably Racist E-mail

03/12/2022 Update: I had to edit this today to fix the broken links to the 35(!) images that came with this email. I took them out rather than trying to replace the images; too much work for something this malevolent. Also, why is this person still in my friend list?

This is the other racist e-mail that was sent to me by someone I thought was a friend. I got this a week and a half ago, I believe. I’m putting the entire text of the e-mail below the fold because I want to be sure that my friends know, before they see it, that it doesn’t come from me, that I didn’t write it, and that I don’t endorse anything that it says.

I went back and forth about putting this e-mail up, but I think it’s important that people see it and know this kind of stuff is out there being passed around by white supremacists.

If you want to really understand how the welfare system works in America after the welfare reform that happened in the 1990s, read this book:

American Dream: Three Women, Ten Kids, and a Nation’s Drive to End Welfare by Jason DeParle

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