Way to go, Ace

Truck Accident
Truck Accident

Had an accident in the parking lot at work. Yeah, I’m feeling like I own the world right about now. Yeah. I kinda want to crawl into bed for a week and not come out, given this and a whole host of other stuff. I need to take some vacation days.

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Crazy Week

I’ve been trying to catch a few minutes to write about the blogger forum with progressive candidates that I attended last Friday, but it’s been such a hectic week I haven’t had a chance. Among other things, I joined the Y this week. I’ve been going regularly for water aerobics, and eventually you have to become a member or they stop letting you visit. Fortunately, I’ve really been enjoying the class, and have been planning on going to more during the week, so it makes sense to join.

I finally managed to get my damned truck bed cover on — with the help of the guys from Just Trucks, where I bought it in the first place. That’s some damned fine customer service, and they’re really nice guys to help me out. They certainly didn’t have to. The problem is that I bought the cheapest cover, and I should have spent a bit more and purchased one that goes on and off easily. So if you need car accessories or truck bling, go there, and tell them I sent you, because they deserve to know their kindness is appreciated.

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