RSS Feeds for Online Stores

Here’s one of my favorite applications for RSS feeds… Online stores that use them to present new products in their online catalogs. For huge stores this isn’t very practical, but for specialty stores, it can be a lot of fun, especially if the store also has wishlist capability, like Think Geek does.
Archie McPhee:
Think Geek:
Threadless T-Shirts:
Mule Design:
There are a couple of product review blogs that basically do the same type of thing, that I also keep in my shopping RSS reading list, like these:
Mighty Goods:
Kevin Kelly’s Cool Tools:
Mad Professor:
And then there are the online shops I WISH had a feed, but they don’t:
Knock Knock:
16 Sparrows:
Hats In the Belfry:
And speaking of sites in general that really need to have RSS feeds — Events Calendar:

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