Ego Surfing

What’s your Ego Surf score? Mine’s 9,142.

I have to say, I’m gratified that I beat the pants off of (original link, no longer active – | j-walkblog.)

Ego Surf Score
Ego Surf Score
Ego Surf Logo
Ego Surf Logo
2022-03-15 Update:
I outlasted both J-walkblog and Ego Surf. Take that, internet!
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Stephanie has a blog

Last night we set up a blog for Stephanie. I’ll let her tell you where it is in the comments for this post, in case she wants to keep it secret or something.
We also set up a News feed reader for her, to make it easier to keep track of her favorite blogs, and we set up google ads for her, too. She’s also been working on getting her CDs ripped to mp3, and we found a site that lets you transfer files so she can get all her favorite mp3s from her old computer to her laptop.
This morning, I updated my post “All the blogs I read” an added a link to it into the right column of my site, so it’s easily accessible and Stephanie can pick and chose from some of my favorites to add to her feed reader.

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CD Mixes converted

In my continuing quest to move my static html pages into Movable Type, early this morning I finished up entering my CD Mix Playlists. I also added a number of playlists that for one reason or other (mainly because it was a pain to do the old way) I never made a page for.

2019 Update: I didn’t realize I waited this long to move all my content into a content management system. I started using blogger in 2000 and moved to Movable Type after that, but it was still 10 years after I started this site that I finally moved everything onto a CMS. Surprising

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On November 5th, 2005, Nuvolab XII will announce the top two Journalism Award winners. The best independent blogs will be awarded for promotion of equality, political insight, creativity, and presentation. Award winners will receive custom award images to display on their site, as well as permanent recognition here on Nuvolab. Third, fourth, and fifth place winners will receive honorable mention awards, and will be automatically nominated for the 2006 Journalism Awards. The following have already been nominated for an award:

A Commonplace Book –
Ann Telnaes –
Bilerico –
Campus Progress –
Democracy Arsenal –

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Blog Frustration

I have Movable Type up and running on my site, and this blog you see is in it now. However, I’m still working on moving my old blog posts from Blogger into Movable type, and I’m only about half done. The difficulty is with Blogger, not with the new content management system. Within Blogger, I can only export 999 posts at a time, which is not all of my posts by a long shot. That’s why if you look at my journal page it appears that my blog only goes back to 2003; that’s only the most recent 999 posts. And within Blogger, to get at those other earlier posts to export then, I have to delete the recent 999 one by one.

The other thing that kinda bites is that I lose all the comments made on posts in the past, because Blogger can’t export them. So I need you all to go back through my blog and write the same comments that you wrote before. 🙂 Heh.

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Finally! I was able to fix my blogger templates

Sometime back in May, blogger stopped supporting my archive index page, and they failed to tell me about it. So since then, my archive pages haven’t been updating. I noticed the problem two weeks ago, and since then have been struggling with blogger help to figure out how to solve the problem.

I finally got it to publish and update correctly, so all of my archives are accessible. Yeah!

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Happy Birthday to me

Birthday Alligator
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday to me.
Happy Birthday, dear me.
Happy Birthday to me.

Hershey Kiss
In case I hadn’t mentioned it, today is my birthday.

Yesterday, I had someone come up to me and say “I recognize you from somewhere.” And after we went through a big list of places (work, college, high school, friends, etc.) it turns out he recognized me from my appearance on the morning news with Dick Wolfsie. I’m like, famous. In Indianapolis, Indiana. I think I’ll stop combing my hair and become disaffected, like all the other celebrities.

(2014 update: I’ve since realized it isn’t that hard to get on the local news, or that impressive. But I should let 2002 me have my moments, shouldn’t I?)

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I can’t tell an anecdote anymore

Okay it’s creeping me out a bit the number of people who I’ve started to tell a story to, and they say, “yeah, I read that on your site.” First because I’m scared that my friends actually check my journal regularly, and second, that I’m ruining all my small talk. I can’t tell the same story over and over just to hear my own voice. I actually have to shut up and listen to other people. 🙂
I changed all my catalog subscriptions (Pottery Barn, Ikea, etc.) to the new address, so I should start getting tons of junk mail shortly.

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