Fox blurs cartoon rear end due to FCC worries

Bart's Butt
Bart’s Butt

Yeah, you read that right. According to an AP Story, Fox TV blurred out a cartoon character’s butt on a RERUN of a family guy episode, even though the un-blurred posterior appeared on TV without complaint a few years ago. They made the decision to do so voluntarily, to avoid any problems with the FCC.

Coming soon to a store near you: skirts to cover up those shockingly bare piano and table legs.
Meanwhile, the number of characters shot, stabbed, strangled, decapitated, dumped in wood chippers, cut up with chain saws and otherwise killed and mutilated on our favorite television programs continues without any complaint whatsoever. Mull that one over.

2022-03-15 Update:
The original link to this story is long gone, but there are a shocking number of different versions of Bart’s Butt on the internet, so obviously their concerns were totally justified.

Bart's Butt 2: Electric Bugaloo
Bart’s Butt 2: Electric Bugaloo

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The Road to Springfield

The Road to Springfield: [link deprecated] Vote on your favorite supporting character in NCAA playoff-style matches. To be eligible, the character must have appeared in at least two episodes. Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are ineligible.

This weekend was laid-back but pretty busy: I went to the lesbian picnic on Friday night. Saturday, we did a brief run through the Talbott Street art fair, peered in the windows of Dan and Doug’s new house (they’re closing Wednesday) and ate lunch at Bazbeaux. On Saturday night, I went to R. Bistro (Massachusetts Ave.) with Dan, Doug, Garrett, Amy, Jeremy, Jennifer, Barb, Michelle, and Ralph. David’s the manager, there; it’s a new restaurant. Nice place; definitely go.

I spend Sunday working on the lawn and “verandah”. I finished putting up hooks for hanging plants, then planted the Snow-in-Summer seeds and Black Eyed Susans, then I went and bought a hanging plant and a bunch of small plants for the front flower bed.

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