24,000 some songs gone

I took my 200 GB external drive with all of my music on it to CompUSA this weekend to have it put in a new enclosure, because the old one was going bad. I had this happen before to a Maxtor drive – the enclosure doesn’t spin the drive fast enough, apparently, so the disk kept crapping out while transferring music. I considered trying to back up the 120 GB of music on the drive, but I don’t have another drive that big, and I was afraid I’d kill the bad one while copying the music over. We were planning to get a music server soon for our home WAN, so that we could both use the same music library for our multi-platformed (PC and Mac) household, so I didn’t want to invest in a whole new external drive right now, with all the other household expenses.
I know I was taking quite a chance in handing the drive over to teen-aged clerks without having a backup copy – I certainly knew better. They reformatted the drive and wiped all my music from it, along with all the cover art I created for my mix cds.
I’ll have to run the totals from iTunes when I get home, but it was something on the order of 24,000 songs on the drive. Fortunately, most of the important stuff to us is on CD, but trying to figure out about music I bought from iTunes is my biggest concern.
Sigh. We have a lot of re-ripping to do. At least it was only music, though. If it had been my photos or design stuff I’d be bouncing off the ceiling right now.

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