Giant Inflatable Dog Crap Escapes Moorings, Wreaks Havoc

I shit you not — Paul McCartney American Artist Paul McCarthy created, for an art exhibit called “East of Eden: A Garden Show” at the Paul Klee Art Center in Switzerland, a giant inflatable dog shit balloon. On July 31, it was the victim of high winds and blew several hundred meters, damaging power lines and windows, before landing on the grounds of a children’s home.

McCarthy Shit Installation
McCartey Shit Installation

I’m putting this post in the category of Culture, but I don’t really mean it.

Seriously, though – I want to be as rich as Paul McCartney, so I can create GIANT INFLATABLE DOG SHIT for people’s garden shows. Because that is clearly a man who can say fuck you to the whole world.

Lisa kindly informs me that it wasn’t rocker Paul McCartney, but rather American Artist Paul McCarthy, who created the giant dog pile. Damn. That really takes a lot of the fun out of it right there.

Wait. No, it’s still really fun.

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Kinetic Sculptures from Old Junk

I’ve posted several of these links before, but I wanted to aggregate them all in the same spot because they’re interesting. They’re all sculptures made of found objects. We were talking about this in Louisville this past weekend, because I was brainstorming some things I’d like to make, and there were a couple artists in the museum that were fascinating.

Roger Wood’s Klockwerks
Eccentric Genius
Steve Brudniak
NAO Design
Jimmy Descant’s Deluxe Rocketships
There’s one of these sculptures at Yats on College
Randall Cleaver
The Ascent Wooden Gear Clock
Ross Brown

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Menorahs and clocks made out of crazy old junk

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Klockwerks Clock

I’ve posted several things recently about cool stuff made out of old junk, and here’s another… Roger Wood at Klockwerks has expanded from making super-cool clocks to making super-cool menorahs out of old stuff.

I LOVE stuff like this. I have several old parts of stuff that I bought at the salvage yard with this kind of thing in mind. I love clocks, compasses, windmills, weather vanes, thermometers, barometric pressure measures, and any antique science thingy or doo-dad. At one point I was scouring eBay for monocles, science beakers, and glass eyes. Unfortunately, glass eyes are expensive. If I were going to be a sculpture artist (and I’d like to be) this is the kind of thing I would make; something cool looking but also kinetic. I need a workshop.

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