2006 ICAAN Scavenger Hunt

I’m going to write an article about this for IndyScribe, but I thought I’d do a short blog post about it here, first. Yesterday, Stephanie and I and our friends Jen and Lori were on a scavenger hunt team to benefit ICAAN, a local organization that trains helper dogs and at the same time helps troubled youth by having them train dogs.
Among the wacky things we did for charity — Stephanie and I both ate dog biscuits to get 250 points. They were pretty yummy, actually; they came from the Three Dog Bakery.
2006 ICAAN Scavenger Hunt
Here’s a photo of our team… #9: Acting out the “Sharks Vs. Jets” dance scene from West Side Story in front of a local theatre. (200 points)
See all of our pictures from the event in this Flickr photoset.
Our team, “The Escalator Accident” finished pretty respectably out of the 39 teams — in the top ten.

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